Tecnoeka is in favor of environmental sustainability, environmental protection and optimization of resources, found in all products eka.

Tecnoeka has always been attentive to the environmental impacts generated by its processes and products. The first commitment towards the preservation of the environment and that on the energy saving arises already at the stage of design and development that applies the principles of mechanics, physics, electronics and fluid dynamics to the ovens through an intelligent redistribution of the materials used. The reduction "piloted" in the amount of material used leads to a decrease in both environmental pollution that to a reduction of the exploitation of raw materials.

Fundamental is also the means of undertaking the product, which for Tecnoeka meant the construction of a new production plant with low emission levels, which respects basic parameters for the internal workforce and the environment. The acquisition of modern plants for the processing of sheet metal have reduced by 50% the consumption of electricity and simultaneously through the use of Lean Production, decreased wastage considerably. A development well underway that continues to optimize performance related to process / product and finalizes into concrete benefits for the environment.

Electrical Safety Certification


The "ETL LISTED" trademark points out that the product has been tested by an accredited laboratory of a third party and meets the minimum electrical safety requirements established by American ("US") regulations. For this reason the trademark is an indicator of product conformity unanimously accepted by retailers, inspectors and local authorities (AHJ's Authorities Having Jurisdiction).

Hygienic safety certification

The "ETL SANITATION LISTED" trademark shows that the product has been tested by an accredited laboratory of a third party and meets the hygiene safety standards NSF recognized by "American National Standards Institute (ANSI)". For this reason the trademark certifies that the appliance is suitable for the production of food for human consumption and for its use in places where food itself is prodeced.